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Links and Blogroll

Here’s a list of World of Warcraft blogs and related things. If you’d like to be added, just drop me a comment on one of my posts. If you update fairly regularly and I like it, I’ll add it here!

World of Warcraft official website
Moon Guard (US-RP) forum
WoW_ladies Livejournal community
Elitist Jerks

A Dwarf Priest
Achtung Panzercow
Aspect of the Hare
Banana Shoulders
Big Bear Butt
Big Red Kitty
Binary Colors
Blessing of Kings
Casual Tank
Chain Heal!
Chick GM
Crowd Control
Eye for an Eye
Flame Shock
Gray Matter
Healing with Hooves
Herding Cats
Holy Discipline
Hoof n’ Healz
Kree’s Blog
Me and My Ghoul
Out of Mana
Shields Up!
Tales of a Priest
Tank Hard!
Tank Like A Girl
Tanking Tips
The Nahlia Effect
Think Tank
Too Many Annas
Way of the Totem
World of Matticus
World of Snarkcraft

Other Stuff
Nocturne (my guild!)

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