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All My Mains is a blog about World of Warcraft. The content is general because my interests are general! I am an admitted altaholic and I have a number of characters that I play regularly. I don’t consider myself to have one main character, but several, and I think they are all interesting. I am not an expert in any particular class, but I can talk about the ones I choose to play with some intelligence. It is my hope that while this blog may be general in nature, a few people will find interesting tidbits and useful advice.

AMM is not a theorycrafting blog. Sure, I may share meters or WWS reports. I may discuss some basic math or complain about nerfs, but my interest in the game is fairly casual and I’m not good enough at math to figure out the complexities of how the game is designed.

About the Author

In November of 2004, I picked up an MMO called World of Warcraft. I had never played an MMO before, but one of my friends had played in the beta and was crazy about it. I started with a tauren hunter on a PvP server. This was not a fun experience. I played very casually for about a year before the friend that introduced me to the game quit playing. I fled my PvP server as fast as the transfer would allow and ended up on a PvE server, where I fell in love with the druid class. I was still playing very casually and didn’t understand the game very well yet.

Salanthe Oatwind

Salanthe Oatwind

Shortly before the Burning Crusade expansion was released in January 2006, I discovered role-playing. A storyteller at heart, my interest was piqued and I found myself rolling a tauren shaman on the US-RP server, Moon Guard. She was originally created for a heavy role-playing guild that dissolved a few months after I arrived. Wondering what to do with a character who’s sole purpose was lost with her guild, I began raiding with her just to try it out. A few months later, I was raiding four days a week and healing everything from Attumen to Kil’jaeden.

In the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, I’m taking it a little easier. My raiding guild is a fairly casual 10-man group and I try to avoid 25-man raids. Instead of playing just my shaman, I raid regularly on a shaman, druid, and paladin. I also play a warrior, death knight, mage, and priest. And that is the reason this blog is so general!

In real life, I’m a twenty-something Minnesotan and currently unemployed. I have a Bachelors of Arts in geology and a Masters of Arts in Museum Studies. Ideally, I’m looking for a museum job, but right now I’ll take just about anything! In my non-WoW time, I job hunt, knit, read, and wander the internet.


Where can I find you on the Armory?
Salanthe Oatwind, 80 shaman (sah-LAHN-thah)
Miothe Sagewind, 80 druid (mee-OH-thah)
Dolendae Dawnfire, 80 paladin (doh-len-DAY)
Zgu Thunderaxe, 80 warrior (zeh-GOO)
Keiaz, 80 mage (ki-AZ)
Miyasi Ironhide, 70 death knight (mee-YAH-see)
Seffia Sommers, 48 priest (sef-EE-ah)
Hravan Sagewind, 47 hunter (HRAH-ven)
Saliki, 16 rogue (sah-LEE-kee)
Marigan Ragno, 13 warlock (mair-EH-gan)

Horde or Alliance? Horde for life. I’ve tried rolling Alliance characters before but I always end up back with the Horde before long!

Can I link to you? Absolutely!

Will you link to me? Drop me a comment and link to your blog. If you update fairly regularly and I like it, I’ll add you to my blogroll.

How do I contact you? Leave a comment or send an email to salanthe at gmail dot com.

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