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Weekend Extras: Therapy

March 20, 2009

While reading various blogs, I stumbled across this post from the wow_ladies community on livejournal. Someone posted a funny conversation they had with someone they didn’t know who wanted help with quests half the world away. This sort of thing happens all the time in WoW. Typically a low level character will whisper a high level character to ask for help with quests or for money. While I don’t get a lot of those whispers unless I’m hanging around Thunder Bluff, I do get the spam whispers from people looking for tanks or healers for various heroics or raids. I find it endlessly amusing when someone whispers my shaman to come dps something. Salanthe? Dps? She’s been resto for years.

I’ve always been at a loss for how to deal with requests like those. Most of the time, I apologize and politely decline. If the person is persistent after I said no, I’ll place them on ignore. Very rarely, I will give someone a few gold if they ask politely, in character, and are standing right next to me.

One of the replies to the post from wow_ladies included a link to an add-on that she uses to deal with annoying requests. After clicking on the link and reading about it, I am resolved to give it a try! It’s called Automatic Goblin Therapist and can be found on wowinterface. If someone whispers you an inane request, you can activate the add-on and it will respond to them with randomly generated “therapy” questions, like “How does ___ make you feel?” or “Come, come. Elucidate your thoughts.”

Reading some of the sample conversations had me laughing hysterically. I can’t say I’d ever use this add-on because I’d probably feel guilty, but I love the idea and I’ll certainly give it a try!

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