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Weekly Report

March 4, 2009

Here’s what All My Mains has been up to this week:

Salanthe: Finally did Malygos! Since Sal doesn’t raid with her guild, I thought this would be a long time in coming. I found a pretty decent pug though and got it in a handful of tries. The venerable shaman finally got her necklace and I was left shaking my head at the healing meters. Holy paladins are hax, just going to say.

Miothe: Sat out on the guild Naxx run (long story) so she hasn’t done much this week. Ran enough heroics to get enough badges for her T7 chest, which netted her the 2-piece set bonus. This will definitely be nice when 3.1 hits. She’s about 1,500 gold away from getting her epic flying. Hopefully next week I can post a picture of her as an epic bird. And before you ask, I am taking the easy way out and not doing the quest. Not yet anyway. Mio was never a priority in BC, so she doesn’t have the rep to run heroic Sethekk yet. First rep, then quest.

Dolendae: Tanked the first half of guild Naxx and got a handful of jewelcrafting recipes from Wintergrasp. I swear, if I could figure out a way to just tank everything and never heal again, I’d be happy for … maybe a week. I love paladin tanking though! After witnessing the power of holy pallies on that Malygos pug I did with Sal though, I’m tempted to try it on Dolendae.

Zgu: Dinged 80! I’ve been working on the Northrend Loremaster achievement with her to make money for Mio’s epic flying. I only have Icecrown and Storm Peaks remaining, which is kind of exciting. Also worked on leveling her blacksmithing. Unfortunately, bs is as material intensive as always, even at Northrend-level. I’ll have to farm a lot more saronite before she can make her titansteel upgrades.

Water elementals are for tanking.

Water elementals are for tanking.

Keiaz: The little mage has gotten some attention lately, for no other reason than I want a Northrend-level enchanter and tailor. She finally hit Outland, so seven more levels to go! Mage is definitely not my favorite class. Frost bolt, frost bolt, frost nova, frost bolt, frost bolt, drink. Repeat. Yeah, definitely not very entertaining. Maybe I should try arcane, but then I’d miss the little water elemental.

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