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Weekend Extras: Wandering Elites of Doom

March 4, 2009
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My little mage made it to Outland this week. As I headed out of Thrallmar on my turquoise raptor to collect salvaged wood and metal, I reminded myself to keep my eye out for a roaming elite that has murdered every single one of my characters except the death knight (because I had learned to watch out for him by then!). Tagar Spinebreaker has taken his big, shiny axe to four of my characters and come out ahead. I had no hope for the squishy mage.

Tagar Spinebreak and his big, shiny axe of doom.

Tagar Spinebreak and his big, shiny axe of doom.

Thankfully, a bored friend hopped on his newly minted death knight and helped me through the beginning quests. When Tagar came around the corner suddenly and tried to add another couple characters to his kill list, we got him instead! After our sweet, sweet victory, my friend told me about what happened the first time he came up against Tagar. He knocked my friend over a cliff to kill him.

I have to admit, I don’t recall any spectacular deaths like that, but my characters have eaten dirt plenty of times in the years I’ve been running around Azeroth and Outland. Thinking about some of my most hated foes, I began to wonder how many I had forgotten or blocked out, so I did some searching over at Wowhead and came up with a hit list.

I tried to find all the elites that would be most likely to surprise and kill you while questing, whether Horde or Alliance. I’ve doubtlessly missed some, but I think I’ve managed to track down the majority. Take a look at the hit list and share some of your tales of death, destruction, and revenge!

The Hit List

Abdul the Insane, 72 elite, Howling Fjord.
Alluvion, 72 elite, Terrokar Forest.
Anathemus, 45 rare elite, Badlands.
Ancient Watcher, 80 elite, Crystalsong Forest.
Aotona, 75 rare elite, Sholazar Basin.
Apex, 67-68 elite, Netherstorm.
Arcane Annihilator, 68 elite, Netherstorm.
Artorius the Doombringer, 60-something? elite, Winterspring.
Arvoar the Rapacious, 72 elite, Shadowmoon Valley.
Avalanchion, 58 elite, Azshara.
Bach’lor, 67 elite, Nagrand.
Banthar, 66-67 elite, Nagrand.
Barash the Den Mother, 72 elite, Shadowmoon Valley.
Baron Charr, 58 elite, Un’Goro Crater.
Boglash, 60-61 elite, Zangarmarsh.
Brimgore, 41 rare elite, Dustwallow Marsh.
Caverndeep Looter, 26 elite, Dun Morogh.
Coast Strider, 47-49 elite, Tanaris.
Coral Shark, 46-47 elite, Stranglethorn Vale and Dustwallow Marsh.
Corrupted Lothalor Ancient, 71-72 elite, Dragonblight.
Crazed Indu’le Survivor, 73 rare elite, Dragonblight.
Crimson Bodyguard, 57-58 elite, Eastern Plaguelands.
Crimson Courier, 60 elite, Eastern Plaguelands.
Crimson Elite, 60 elite, Western Plaguelands.
Crystalline Ice Giant, 73-74 elite, Dragonblight.
Deathclasp, 58-59 elite, Silithus.
Deathskitter, 64 elite, Terrokar Forest.
Deep Dweller, 49-50 elite, Tanaris.
Deep Strider, 47-49 elite, Feralas.
Deepstrider Giant, 38-39 elite, Desolace.
Deepstrider Searcher, 39-40 elite, Desolace.
Dessecus, 56 rare elite, Felwood.
Devilsaur, 54-55 elite, Un’Goro Crater.
Dirkee, 80 rare elite, The Storm Peaks.
Dragonmaw Ascendent, 72 elite, Shadowmoon Valley.
Durn the Hungerer, 67 elite, Nagrand.
Elder Mystic Razorsnout, 15 rare elite, The Barrens.
Fel Reaver, 68-70 elite, Hellfire Peninsula.
Flesh Golem, 56-57 elite, Western Plaguelands.
Foreman Jerris, 62 rare elite, Western Plaguelands.
Foreman Rigger, 24 rare elite, Stonetalon Mountains.
Fumblub Gearwind, 71 rare elite, Borean Tundra.
Furywing, 72 elite, Blade’s Edge Mountain.
Gesharahan, 20 rare elite, The Barrens.
Gigantaur, 74 elite, Dragonblight.
Gordunni Soulreaver, 70-71 elite, Terrokar Forest.
Great Shark, 51-52 elite, Tanaris, Hinterlands, Feralas.
Grel’borg the Miser, 39 elite, Alterac Mountains.
Griegan, 75 rare elite, Zul’drak.
Grimungous, 50 rare elite, The Hinterlands.
Grocklar, 74 rare elite, Grizzly Hills.
Gruff, 57 rare elite, Un’Goro.
Gutripper, 67 elite, Nagrand.
Heartrazor, 32 rare elite, Thousand Needles.
Hematos, 60 rare elite, Burning Steppes.
High Protector Lorik, 61 elite, Western Plaguelands.
High Thane Jorfus, 80 rare elite, Icecrown.
Highlord Mastrogonde, 51 rare elite, Searing Gorge.
Hildana Deathstealer, 80 rare elite, Icecrown.
Hogger, 10-11 elite, Elywnn Forest.
Humar the Pridelord, 23 rare elite, The Barrens.
Icehorn, 71 rare elite, Borean Tundra.
Immolatus, 56 rare elite, Felwood.
Insidion, 72 elite, Blade’s Edge Mountains.
Ironeye the Invicible, 37 rare elite, Thousand Needles.
Ironhide Devilsaur, 54-56 elite, Un’Goro Crater.
King Krush, 75 rare elite, Sholazar Basin.
King Mosh, 60 rare elite, Un’Goro Crater.
King Ping, 71 rare elite, Howling Fjord.
Knucklerot, 21 elite, Ghostlands.
Lake Thresher, 25 elite, Redridge Mountains.
Lapress, 60 rare elite, Silithus.
Lord Captain Wyrmak, 45 rare elite, Swamp of Sorrows.
Luzran, 21 elite, Ghostlands.
Maggoc, 70 elite, Blade’s Edge Mountains.
Makazradon, 68-69 elite, Shadowmoon Valley.
Mammoth Shark, 56-57 elite, Azshara and Durotar.
Mith’rethis the Enchanter, 52 rare elite, The Hinterlands.
Mok’rash, 46 elite, Stranglethorn Vale.
Monnos the Elder, 53-54 rare elite, Azshara.
Morgroron, 68-69 elite, Shadowmoon Valley.
Mor’Ladim, 30 elite, Duskwood.
Mountain Gronn, 66-67 elite, Nagrand.
Narillasanz, 44 rare elite, Alterac Mountains and Hillsbrad Foothills.
Negolash, 42 elite, Stranglethorn Vale.
Nerubian Overseer, 60 rare elite, Eastern Plaguelands.
Netherock, 68 elite, Netherstorm.
Obsidia, 71-72 elite, Blade’s Edge Mountains.
Old Crystalbark, 71-72 elite, Borean Tundra.
Old Icebeard, 11 elite, Dun Morogh.
Overlook Sentry, 78 elite, Sholazar Basin.
Perobas the Bloodthirster, 71 rare elite, Howling Fjord.
Plated Stegodon, 52-54 elite, Un’Goro Crater.
Princess Tempestria, 60 elite, Winterspring.
Putridus the Ancient, 80 rare elite, Icecrown.
Raven’s Wood Stonebark, 67-68 elite, Blade’s Edge Mountains.
Ravenous Flayer Matriarch, 70 elite, Shadowmoon Valley.
Reef Shark, 21-22 elite, Westfall, Silverpine Forest, and Darkshore.
Rex Ashil, 57 rare elite, Silithus.
Rivendark, 72 elite, Blade’s Edge Mountains.
Rocklance, 17 rare elite, The Barrens.
Ruul the Darkener, 71 elite, Shadowmoon Valley.
Sand Shark, 12-13 elite, Durotar.
Scarlet Executioner, 60 rare elite, Western Plaguelands.
Scarlet High Clerist, 63 rare elite, Western Plaguelands.
Scarlet Interrogator, 61 rare elite, Western Plaguelands.
Seething Hate, 73 rare elite, Grizzly Hills.
Sepulchral Overseer, 66-71 elite, Howling Fjord.
Setis, 61 rare elite, Silithus.
Shore Strider, 47-49 elite, Feralas.
Siege Golem, 40 rare elite, Badlands.
Sirana Iceshriek, 79-80 elite, The Storm Peaks.
Sister Hatelash, 11 rare elite, Mulgore.
Sister Rathtalon, 19 rare elite, The Barrens.
Sister Riven, 28 rare elite, Stonetalon Mountains.
Somnus, 62 elite, Swamp of Sorrows.
Son of Arugal, 20 elite, Silverpine Forest.
Sorrow Wing, 27 rare elite, Stonetalon Mountains.
Stitches, 35 elite, Duskwood.
Stone Giant, 65-70 elite, Howling Fjord.
Stonegazer, 64 elite, Terrokar Forest.
Storm Giant, 80 elite, Howling Fjord.
Syreian the Bonecarver, 73 rare elite, Grizzly Hills.
Tagar Spinebreaker, 61 elite, Hellfire Peninsula.
Takk the Leaper, 19 rare elite, The Barrens.
Talonsworn Forest-Rager,  71-72 elite, Terrokar Forest.
Taskmaster Whipfang, 22 rare elite, Stonetalon Mountains.
Terror Spinner, 76 rare elite, Zul’Drak.
The Abominable Greench, 36 elite, Alterac Mountains.
The Windreaver, 60 elite, Silithus.
Thrym, the Hope-Ender, 80 elite, Zul’drak.
Trigul, 72 elite, Blade Edge Mountains.
Tyrant Devilsaur, 54-55 elite, Un’Goro Crater.
Unbound Ancient, 80 elite, Crystalsong Forest.
Uvuros, 70 elite, Shadowmoon Valley.
Vigdis the War Maiden, 71 rare elite, Howling Fjord.
Vile Sting, 35 rare elite, Thousand Needles.
Volchan, 60 rare elite, Burning Steppes.
Wave Strider, 46-48 elite, Feralas.
Windroc Matriarch, 66 elite, Nagrand.
Zaricotl, 55 rare elite, Badlands.
Zora, 59 rare elite, Silithus.
Zul’drak Sentinel, 77 rare elite, Zul’drak.

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  1. Brokenbyclouds permalink
    March 12, 2009 3:23 pm

    That Zul’drak Sentinel has my number.

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