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OMG I’m on Fire!

March 2, 2009

It’s Monday morning and almost everyone is back at work. I have a couple short videos to help alleviate the boredom! Here are some little flavor animations I found while questing in Crystalsong Forest the other night. There are a lot of these things in WotLK if you’re observant.

If you watch the druids in the ruins, sometimes they will hop from bench to bench:

And if you watch the Unbound Ents long enough, you’ll see them set on fire by the Unbound Tricksters and Corrupters. The ents run around in a panic and then cower for a while once the fire debuff fades. Very adorable:

I’m brand new to the video thing and these are the very first videos I’ve ever recorded in WoW. One of these days I’ll figure out how to add sound to them so they’re more enjoyable to watch! iMovie is harder to figure out than I anticipated, sadly. I had the perfect songs picked out to go with these too – Superball by Aimee Mann and This Fire by Franz Ferdinand.

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